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10-31-2011, 02:52 AM
I would suggest going with EptS1 and EPtS2. I would also suggest Hazard Emitters or Transfer Shield Strength as powers. Since you can fit in an Engineering Team on a Fleet Escort, you might be able to go without Hazard Emitters, so TSS2 is a really good shield heal, and provides a little additional damage reduction.
Polarize Hull is a good way to deal with Tractors, so if you can fit it in, that's good. Losing Science Team certainly hurts when you get hit by Subnucleonic Beam or Scramble Sensors, but I think as an Escort, you can endure it.

If you want to use Beam Overload, use Beam overload III (or II if youc an't get III). If it wasn't for the prevelance for Tactical Team, I'd use Attack Pattern Beta over Omega.
Commander Tactical: Attack Pattern Omega III, Cannon Rapid Fire II, Cannon Scatter Volley I, Tactical Team I
Lt.Commander Tactical: Beam Overload III, Attack Pattern Beta I, Tactical Team I
Lt.Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields I and II
Ensign Engineering: Engineering Team
Science: Polarize Hull I, Transfer Shield Strength II

Gear Wise - I like the Borg Set more these days, as it gives you "free" heals as part of the set bonus. You only need 3 parts for that, so you can look for a better Shield (Covariant?) or Impulse Engine (Hyper-Impulse Engine).

To your questions:
1.) Is it possible they use Subnucleonic Beam on you? That will kill all your buffs. An additional thing to do is - when Tactical Team isn't running - is to Distribute Shield Power in between. It is also important to keep moving. Sometimes you have to slow down, so that you don't lose your target - but if you see you are getting under fire, you need to speed up again.
It could very well be that Beam Overload could be part of their build, but they are using III. Remember BO comes with a drawback - it temporarily drains 50 weapon power. So getting the most out of this power is important.

2.) How many buffs do you typically use? Don't forget any of your Class buffs. Tactical Initiative is a great way to stay high damaging - but you need to remember its effect and ensure tha tyou are always using the best BO powers you have when it's running. There is difference between 1 Beam Overload III in 30 seconds or 2 (or whatever the cooldown is, I don't remember right now.)

3.) I think you're already pretty close to the prototypical build above in this post - I don't think the community has anything _more_ prototypical. There are still several variations points - some use DHCs, DBBs and Quantum Torpedoes up front, some use DHCs and Quantums. But it's hard to say which is more common or easier to use.
Theoretically, the best Escort is the Multi-Vector Assault Escort (using the MVAM mode), as it can fit in a Photonic Shockwave. But that doesn't necessarily make it the easist to fly.

A generla thing to consider - Teamwork is very important. An Escort that doesn't get support from its fellow Cruiser is really suspectible to all kinds of harm. Dead Escorts don't do burst or DPS. So if you see such vast differences, it oculd be because the enemy is staying alive thanks to support where you die.
Part of getting better in PvP is not just finding the right build, or mastering it, or getting the right equipment. Part of it is finding a group of like-minded people that you fly with regularly.