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Originally Posted by Timberjac View Post
And the rear turrets... I think is better if you have a pair or beam and another torpedo launcher.
Stick with turrets. You'll normally use two buffs for cannon weapons like CRF or CSV while you beams will run unbuffed with limited arcs. Turrets are constantly firing on target and generating procs.

Learn to maneuver and keep your front weapons on target. You won't need any beams or (even worse) a torp in the rear slots. If you like to run red alert missions or PvE stuff, use a single peng in the rear slot. For PvP it's a no-go.

I'd suggest that you control your throttle via mouse wheel. Use keybinds like
/bind Wheelplus "throttleadjust .2"
/bind Wheelminus "throttleadjust -.2"

Set you camera adjustments to your + and minus buttons instead:
/bind Add "AdjustCamDistance -15"
/bind Subtract "AdjustCamDistance 15"

BO skills for the fleet escort:
EPtS1, Aux2Sif1
TacTeam1, HY2, BO3, RF3
TacTeam1, RF1, BO3
Polarize Hull1, Transfer Shield Strength 2 against Tractor heavy opponents or
Hazard Emitters 1, TSS2

Use keybinds to chain TT1, EPtS and Aux2Sif all the time, i.e. combine it with distribute shields, fire all energy wepons etc.

Torp Spread is bugged (thus frowned upon in PvP) atm, if you want to use it, replace HY2 with TS2. If you can't afford a 2nd BO3
go i.e.
TacTeam1, TS2, BO3, RF3
TacTeam1, TS2, RF2

Field Generator, EPS, RCS or 2 EPS
4* Weapon Type
Borg Console, Induction Stabilizer
Borg Deflector and Engine
Normal Mk XI Shield w/ [Cap]x3 (cheap, craftable) or Covariant Mk XI w/ [Cap]x2 and [Pha] or [AP]. Resilient Mk XI w/ [Cap]x2 and [Pha] or [AP] is good enough, too. Later ones are quite expensive.
Devices: Eng Batteries, Deuterium Surplus / Subspace Field Modulator
2 DHC w/ as much ACC as you can get/afford, i.e. [ACCx2] [CrtH]
1 DBB w/ as much ACC as you can get/afford
1 Quantum w/ [ACC] & [CrtD]x2
3 Turrets w/ as much ACC as you can get/afford

Essential space traits for escorts are Elusive and Accurate, I hope that you took both while rolling your char.

Alway max. Weapon Power to 125. 100 Base +15 Escorts +5 Borg Console + at least 4 in Weapon Performance skill. None in Weapon Efficiency. Some use 50 in shields, some like 50 in engines, some mix them that's up to you. I'd suggest that you get at least a speed of 26. That's around 51/52 engine power.

Put points into all other efficiency and performance skills. Disregard ground skills. Get efficient saurians and the borg eng to boost power levels even further.

Another hint: Get a Defiant Retrofit with your VA token. The Defiant will be upgraded with an additional Eng console slot when F2P goes live and is by far better than a fleet escort due it's better turnrate. You'll have to leave the cloacking device at home, though, but the fleet's doesn't have one, too.

Try to find other players that like to team up. Lone escorts without support are easy prey.