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Originally Posted by Timberjac View Post
But with that config, you use 80 energy points in a front attack. Even with eng. skills of performance and the bonus of a escort... you downpower the output of your cannons. I think that cost is too.
Weapons fire again when they're fully recharged. So when your next full volley is ready your power has gone up from 125-80 to 125 again. In this case your weapons have different recharge times so the recharge cycles might get screwed up a little, but there are 3 ways to counter the effects from it:
1. EPS console(s)
It's additional bonus to power transfer rates also helps to counter the energy drain by weapon fire. Using at least 1 is a must, 2 is even better, especially on vessels that run energy heavy loadouts like those 8 beam array FAW cruisers. In most circumstances EPS consoles add more to your DPS than plasma distribution manifolds.
2. Simply stop firing for 1-2 seconds. Also every half witted enemy will try to get out of front your firing arc. It takes some time to get in line again and when your target is in the 45 degree arc again, your power ist most likely restored.
3. Weapon Batteries