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10-31-2011, 09:31 AM
The only time I've seen a single-nacelle design that looked good was the USS Kelvin in the new Star Trek movie.

The reason it looked good? It was balanced against a hull section. The general designs of Starfleet ships tend to preclude the aesthetic appeal of single-nacelle designs simply because, more often than not, there's a delicate balancing act to the overall design (the Galaxy-X doesn't work for me with its third nacelle poking up like it was some kind of starship mutant, but that's just me).

Besides, let's be honest... the only reason those ship designs exist at all was because they needed to fill up the starship graveyard at Wolf 359. We've never seen them in proper service, so it can be surmised that even the production staff thought those ships were only useful as garbage. The only other time we've seen a one-nacelle design was the aforementioned Kelvin, and it was specifically to show an antiquated starship design.

If your fingertips are blazing right now ready to type, "But we got the NX-01 and it's even more antiquated!", let me cut you off by saying that if there hadn't been four seasons of that show, and instead the NX-01 were just a page in a calendar somewhere and nothing more, it wouldn't be in the game. Hell, it's the same with the Galaxy-X; if it were a calendar page rather than a featured ship of the TNG series finale, its inclusion would be just as laughable.