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10-31-2011, 09:08 AM
Originally Posted by Elusive-Burn View Post
Thank you so much for this. And here i was going to waste a CMDR power on Tractor III

My most active BOff has PH I, Scramble Sensors I, Tacyon Beam III, and Viral Matrix III

I am torn between replacing Viral Matrix 3 with Scramble 3, but i feel that having Viral 3 and Scramble 1 works just as well. Scramble 3 is only an increase in time, anyhow, right?
For PvP, I would avoid Scramble 3 entirely; it's currently broken (in many ways) and will only cause the opposing team to get infuriated and constantly just hunt you down.

For PvE, Scramble 3 >>> Viral 3. PvE is all about dishing out AoE. Scramble is not only an AoE debuff, but it helps boost your damage and has a duration long enough such that you should be half way through killing the entire group before i wears off.