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10-31-2011, 09:29 AM
Ramone, Mustrum and Hellspawny all know what they're talking about, they're great PvPers ^_^

I'm no Escort pilot, but I would recommend the following setup (especially if you're having trouble surviving):

Cmdr Tac: TT 1, BO 2, APO 1, CRF 3
Ltc Tac: TT 1, CRF 1, APO 1
Lt Eng: EPtS 1, Aux to ID or SIF 1*
Ens Eng: EPtS 1
Lt Sci: Hazard 1, TSS 2

*Aux to SIF will give a small heal and resist every 15 seconds, so it will definitely help. However, Aux to ID gives you near-perma turn rate boost, defense boost, speed increase, as well as stun protection, when cycled with your dual APOs.

As for gear, I highly recommend 3 pieces of the Borg set. Those 2 heal procs have saved me more times than I can count. If you're comfortable using Regen shields (and if you do decide to use Regen shields, use the Borg; they're far better than any of the other Regens), I recommend Borg Console, Engine, and Shield with the Aegis Deflector (for +5 shield power). With you EPtS and innate shield power, you'll have decent resists as well as regen rates. If you're not comfortable with Regen shields, go with Borg Console/Engine/Deflector with the Aegis shield.

Console-wise, definitely go a Field Generator Mk XI (+35% shield capacity). I'd also throw in an EPS console and probably a +7 shield power; it's not hard for a Fleet Escort to run at 125 weapons and ~100 shields. Throw the Borg Console into you Sci slots in addition to either a Halon System or Induction Stabilizer. The Halon System will give you a better return than an Induction Stabilizer (Hazard Emitters with Halon consoles get boosted more than any other ability and it's console, for some reason), but shield healing is far more valuable than hull healing.