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10-31-2011, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by H.Ramone
first: you will need heal from your team mates or you'll die alot in an escort, especially as a tac. what helps is to constantly distribute your shields. also watch buffs of your target. if he uses rotate shields freq or is extended and/or have many transfer shield strenght on it, switch the target.

consoles: try the 35% shield cap, 1 eps console and a turn rate console. get rid of the biofunction monitor. crew is not important at all. use a deflector field console instead (to push transfer shield strength).

other items: try the borg set except for the shield. the mark x capx3 is a good choice (or the reman one if you don't wanna spend emblems)

sci bo powers: you want to use a transfer shield strength 2. for the ensign ability, sci team, hazard emitters (well, only if you don't get heal from others) or tractor beam is great.

eng bo powers: 2x emergency power to shields is the right choice. try reverse shield polarity or aux to dampeners (if you still have turn rate issues)

tac bo powers: well, i know many escort pilots and every single one have a different layout. but i'm not a fan of beam overload 1 or 2. use bo3 or torps (or both). but i can say for sure that you want to use 2 tac team 1.

try this one:

2x tac team 1
crf 1 + beta 1
bo3 + omega 1

for the defiant, biofunction monitor has been a godsend for me. regens crew rates, and with 50 crew, the faster they regen the faster and more effectively they can repair your ship.