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Greetings STO players

Among many other very awesome features, as stated many times, the Lotus Fleet has a very active role-playing forum. Participation is not required, but it is a lot of fun. You are welcome to check out our role-playing section and enjoy the stories that develop on the different ships.

I am actively involved in Starship RP. My character is the Vulcan Chief of Science aboard the USS Artemis - Enhanced Scientific/Diplomatic Explorer Ambassador class (non-variant). We’re currently just about to complete our 4th story this season.

I'm also involved in another RP story: The Resurrection of Icarus: A New Star Trek RP Adventure
An exciting new adventure aboard a newly retrofitted Excelsior-class Starship named the Icarus.
She is in the early stages of her maiden voyage and still has room for those who would like to take on one of several roles available.

There are also several openings on other Starship RP ships as well...and in different roles.

So come on over, enroll in our reknowned Starfleet Academy and be ready to be a part of what is perhaps the best fleet in the federation!

And Happy Halloween!