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You can be serious or your can play games it is up to you. If you want to actually be lethal then this is how it goes...

Stick with Phasers or switch to Disruptors both are good but when separated you will dish out so much Phaser Fire that Procs happen regularly.

3 DHC up front with a Quantum.

3 Turrets in back.

Tyken's Rift II at your highest Sci Slot. Get your Aux power up with Efficiency skills. Put some effort into boosting Spatial Anom or carry around some Aux Batteries.

Make sure to have Cannon Rapid Fire, Cannon Scatter Volley, Torp Spread, Torp High Yield, and Attack Pattern Omega III (Far superior to a Torp or Cannon III skill in the long run.)

Seperate into Beta Section and get the Red Rings of Death on your foe (Attack Pattern Beta from your Alpha Piece, Attack Pattern Delta from your Gamma Piece, and your own Fire on My Mark = MASSIVE Resistance Debuff). Peg them with your Tyken's and watch them grind to a halt then unload your fury.

Bye Bye!