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10-31-2011, 04:50 PM

Star Trek fans will gladly part with their money for a good Trek-related experience, but theyíll also get in your face if they think youíre pushing substandard product on them. And something tells me that if youíre trying to milk them for extra incremental revenue while not delivering additional value (C-Store, Iím looking at you), then from my perspective, youíre pretty much holding the door open and saying Ďhey, you donít have to stay if you donít like it.í Well, if thatís the message youíre trying to send, donít be surprised if a lot of your current customers actually take you up on it. Iíve seen it happen and Iíve done it to businesses myself more than once. Call up Netflixí executive team and ask them about their recent experiences with their customers rushing to the lifeboats. Call up Mr. Logan in Delta Airlinesí Special Member Services Office and ask him about our Christmas Eve conversation in 2002.

Now, Iíd like to stay, but I donít hang around where Iím not wanted. Iím in a position to purchase a lifetime subscription if the changes represent a good value proposition to me, but Iím also in a position to walk away from STO and take those entertainment dollars and spend them elsewhere if the changes donít represent a good value to me. Yeah, Iíve put a lot of work into my main character and all my alts and Iíd hate to lose them, but I also put a lot of work into my first marriage, and that ended 20 years ago. Frankly, at this point, given the changes that are apparently coming, Iíd rather pay a *higher* monthly fee and just have yíall leave everything on Holodeck just the way it is, warts and all. Itíd be a choice between the devil I know and the devil I donít know, and Iíd gladly choose the devil that delivers more value and enjoyment for my dollar.

I seriously think that Perfect World management needs to rethink their changes and their philosophy with respect to Star Trek Online, because I smell significant degradation of the value proposition coming Ė and Iíve seen what happens after that. Trust me, itís not the sort of situation any business wants any part of in todayís economy.



P. S. For an absolutely fantastic and exquisitely detailed pro-and-con accounting of the proposed, in-testing and announced changes, I enthusiastically refer the interested reader to Patrician Vetinariís outstanding post(s) on the matter here: