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10-31-2011, 05:20 PM
Nicely written. I wonder how much value PWI places on the current cutomer/player base. I, personally, believe that they are making a gamble. A gamble that places more importance on the value of potential new players rather than the current 'old' players. One of the things that struck me when the F2P matrix came out (and not just me), was that there wasn't much difference between gold and silver accounts (ie no real reason to sub). And given that all other PWI games are completely F2P (ie no subscription model at all), it seemed to me that they are moving in the same direction for STO.

From a financial standpoint, it doesn't make sense to go out of their way to satisfy the LTS, and there are many of us here on the forums as it seems. 'We' are actually a drain on their resources. Not only are we no longer paying any monthly fee (depending on when we bought it), but we also get a stipend each month. Given enough time, we could eventually buy everything from the C-store for free. Thus, we are probably not that 'valuable' to them as customers. At least not as valuable as a brand new silver players who will likely be spending some cash in the store.