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10-31-2011, 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
Tyken's Rift is not universally useful. At all.

Spread AND High Yield takes away from your damage output, which means that even a less-than-half decent healer will laugh at you.

Scatter AND Rapid Fire takes away from your damage output even further, which means that even a Tac flying a cruiser will be laughing at your DPS as he heals it.

PvP isn't about being universally useful... If you're "universally useful", you're SEVERELY lacking in what your team expects of you to succeed.

Speccing for 1v1s is stupid to begin with.

I can counter that build with... well... anything. It isn't "good" at anything. It's trying to do too many different things, stopping it from being a true threat, specializing in nothing.

Because he is an escort, arguably among the squishiest, he would die against anyone, flying any ship, without the world's most severe cases of cerebral palzy and down syndrome combined.

At least, without having the raw power to make up for it.

PvP isn't about how many different things YOU can do.

It's about how well you can make what YOU are EXPECTED to do work WITH your allies.

Your allies need to be able to count on you. I wouldn't waste my time counting on this, just looking at it screams that it wouldn't work in a reliable team and would just be leeching from the rest of us.

If I found myself with an Escort like this in my team, I'd already count the match as fighting down a man, 4 vs 5.

Edit: Besides... the OP requested a build to maximize damage... if you still argue this build does it, I lol.
You are welcome to bring it and try to put your Guns where your Keyboard is. I doubt anything short of a solid Sci Ship is going to ever bring down my MVAE. It is very tough for an Escort and your lack of understand of Tyken's tells me you do not have a full grasp of the way combat really works.

Also there is a good reason to spread your damage between Single and Multiple Targets (Especially now that Spread is nearly as powerful, and sometimes MORE powerful than High Yield) which simply put is: Multiple Opponents or Pet Spam. Letting those pets kill you is not helping you and if you have multiple targets one of the best ways to throw them off their game is to stop them from healing one guy and get them concerned about their own hide. It is amazing how fast a healer ditches his friend when his facing goes down and a spread of Quantums knocks 25% of his Hull away.

If you are simply dueling one on one and nothing else then the greater flexibility is not as useful but if you have ever fought a well setup carrier with BoP's, Fleet Support, and Photonic ships all coming to kill you then you know how useful it can be to eliminate a lot of excess Pet Spam DPS real fast. (Not to mention that if they are scrambling you having less targets really helps get your attack where you want it.)

Gravity well is... Ok... But it in their current state it is nowhere near as powerful as Tyken's... I can simply out run a GW without suffering any issue. It is good for clearing out Pet Spam and catching Captains with slow reaction times or slow ships but generally not that great.