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10-31-2011, 06:51 PM
I disagree. I don't have the numbers but I would guess that there are still many LTS who have not reached their 2 year equivalency mark yet. The game isn't even 2 years old, so realistically the only LTS who "are playing for free" (which in itself is a completely incorrect statement) are ones who bought in to LTS substantially prior to the actual release of the game. And arguably, nobody has reached equivalency because the game has not been in an active subscription state for 2 years yet.

That being said, LTS are not a drain on anyone's resources- LTS subscribers are still probably the most profitable subset of customers Cryptic/PW has.

I am guessing PW/Cryptic place zero value on current customers. It is plainly obvious to see, given the way they have treated current subscribers with changes on tribble. They are only interested in fresh blood (or fresh wallets, really) to come in, get a little hooked, and unload a few dollars before they realize what's going on and what little STO has to offer for them. PW bought Cryptic for it's game engine technology, not its stable of active MMOs. I would not be surprised to learn that PW is just pumping and dumping STO, squeezing as much short term monetary gain from the game as possible, and then dropping it like a wet bag of sand.