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10-31-2011, 08:58 PM
There are, of course, a few extra details I would like to add in the interest of discussion, this is from my point of view only and my opinions.

To start, I just began to play recently, and only because of the planned F2P. Sadly, in its current state, STO lacks in too many areas to deserve my monthly payment, but it is a good, fun, casual game.

First off, as far as devaluing your experience by adding timesinks/difficulty. The moment something becomes harder to attain, the value of it rises, so any toons or equipment you have as instantly raised in value. The only way these changes effect you directly is when you decide to replay the current content by leveling another character or gaining more gear. And honestly how many times can you play the same content until you get bored out of your skull? Does it set a precedent for how future equipment will be gained, yes it does and that could effect you, but --

Economics of Scale
When they create a feature episode regardless of if one person plays it or a million it cost the same amount to make, just like if you are the only one on board a plane. Granted other costs rise but in this day and age those costs are minor compared to the cost of new content. The more people playing means more people giving them money which means you get more content so you don't have to level your 15th character to VA for something to do. To that end, the current goal is to get as many players as they can to play as long as they can and spend as much as they are willing to. Honestly, I grinded threw i'd say 90% of STOs current content in about a month in a half, I have 2 VAs one is full purple equipped other is nearly all only because I cannot craft disruptors as Fed. Took around 2 days played to hit max level without that much effort or focus. Are they taking a risk in stretching it out, why yes they are. But, if they can get enough money to churn out enough content it will work out in the end. Currently STO lacks the content to keep a player's interest, and a portion of that is the ease of gaining end game gear, as well as a lack of end game gear/content progression. You can say that's not what STO is about, but that IS what the genre of MMOs is about and to gain mass market appeal it must be done in some way. They are addressing that issue with these changes, you need to look at the big picture. If there is no reward for doing the content other than to do it the players will not stick around. I'm rambling now, oh well.