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11-01-2011, 04:40 AM
Originally Posted by Kreael
First off, as far as devaluing your experience by adding timesinks/difficulty. The moment something becomes harder to attain, the value of it rises, so any toons or equipment you have as instantly raised in value.
In terms of in-game economy, sure. But that's not what I was speaking of. From above:

"Iím going to get less value and enjoyment out of the game, assuming my inputs (monthly subscription cost and amount of time spent playing) remain constant."

If an in-game good requires more input on my part (e.g. game currency, playing time, etc), then each unit of input has been devalued -- from the customer POV -- because it doesn't buy as much. That, by extension, devalues the playing experience, and communicates to the longtime player that he or she is now valued *less* than before.