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11-01-2011, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by pyro1
akira needs be tier 4 at least if not tier 5, just cause the akira was a newer state art escort.
another ship we need in game, that was still in use during the dominion war is the Sioux(sp?) class
despite its small miranda style hull she was a war ship with forward cannons and a rear mounted turret(point defence system, best view of this class in any star trek is tng episode where kelsy kramer plays captain of a ship stuck in a time loop for 80 years, as the ship exits the temporal rupture and collides with enterprise you can clearly see the ships point defence cannon. this a ship that should be in game at about tier 3 or 4, in episode of ds9 when federation fleet retakes ds9 several sioux class ships can be seen in fleet along with miranda's.
There were only normal Mirandas seen in the Dominion War.
The Soyuz class was from the time befor Star Trek 6 and was even retired before the time of the movie, as mentioned in the only episode the Soyuz class ever appeared "Cause and Effect".

Michael Okuda who drew the model design for that episode stated those were sensors not "cannons".
Why does everyone think this is Star Wars where everything has to be mounted on weapon turrets?