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11-01-2011, 12:17 PM
Originally Posted by Chanfron View Post
I rarely post anymore just lurk, but I would have liked to continue this thread but due to the mass thread closures a while back for non ST related posts I assumed it was safer not to bring it to the mods attention
i like to live dangerously! -continues thread-
now back to my reason for posting....except... i resolved the issue and got 1/10th size magnets which, for my nids atleast, WORK PERFECTLY! so.. my own question is kinda answered >.>

ok how about painting ideas
i have a few ideas in mind
idea #1 ALL glossy black.. except the eyes, make them a bright neon green (yes xenomorphic is what i'm aiming for )
this works nice because, i have no painting skill what so ever so having it all 1 color leaves less room for error, and i can work on my fine detailing by doing the eyes
idea #2
3-4 colors
have the yes neon green, and then a black in there some where, and possibly a grey, but have the caparace 1 color, the chitin 1 color and possibly the weapons/hooves 1 color,
i.e. for a hormagaunt i'd use 4 colors, eye color, then the chitin on it's back would be 1 color, then it's under side/skin would be 1 color, and then the weapons would be 1 color best example would be hive fleet leviathan's paint scheme, only using different colors... i'm just not sure what color lay out i want to use...
coz i want my models to have an overall "dark" apperance, so kinda want the black to be the body (the white part of leviathian ) but then that'll have a backwards kind of contrast with the chitin since it'll be a lighter color, i was thinking of making the chitin a very dark foresty green? would that work?
and what color should i make the weapons/hooves? i was thinking maybe a gun metal grey?