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11-01-2011, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by Esquire View Post
That's part of the gamble, in my book.

LA did watch SOE's NGE and went directly to Bioware 1 month later (after the NGE) to start talks for SW:TOR. CBS is already licencing other ST games now and not putting their eggs all in 1 basket so I see no real reason they would even hesitate if they believe ST:O will not be as profitable and/or is not doing the IP credit as they're being told it will be.

As with LA, I doubt CBS will have any qualms about taking down the entire game when they believe it is time, also.
But is SWG going down because LA pulled the license? The only news I've heard of that is that Sony is saying that it's time and they're ready to stop supporting what they consider a dead game.