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11-01-2011, 12:37 PM
....i have to follow what H.Ramone said ! I think, there still are people and fleets that WANT to play clean and with common rules. Ill do my best to still keep it like that ! Several fleets don`t follow these Rules. And the OPVP-Channel is still not, what it sopposed to be, i think ! What about making a Homepage ? For example: ^^ ! Think, there is a need for more organization in this point.
Im still hoping to see more people and fleets training with each other on fair and actual rule-setups.
Think we have to devide between "Fun-Play" with all crap and "clean-play" without all broken skills !

Btw, i hate playing with Scramble and the other crap. Thats not giving anything to me. Im always happy about good, fair, balanced games. Plz don`t give up hope....^^

Just my few lines^^, greetz sheela@heizluefta (RE)