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11-01-2011, 11:59 AM
I don't care if everyone and their mother starts spamming, I won't slot a Scramble, Torp Spread, AMS, or whatever else they come out with. I'll use my own (admittedly lacking) skills to do whatever I can, I don't need any of Cryptic's trash to do it.

Originally Posted by H.Ramone
i will continue to play without crap and i hope that all the other members of RE do the same. well, if we get pwned because of the **** you throw on us .. well, ok, i can live with that. but expect us to laugh loud and call you naps if we win :p

edit: actually i can't really blame the players who use all the broken stuff. i blame cryptic. they failed to balance the game and fix the broken stuff (double shields anyone? .. this is so ridiculous)
RE are good people, you guys pull of your wins without any spam or OP broken stuff and I appreciate that