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11-01-2011, 12:44 PM

This is a new fleet! We wanted a mature relaxed fleet where our families came first and the fleet came second. We found a group of people with a lot in common and have a lot of fun.

Most of us are life members so we wanted something that will last a lifetime. Everyone has a say in the direction of the fleet and we are all equals.

The ranking system is based off of our in-game ranks. I figured if you became a Captain in-game that you deserve that same respect in the fleet.

We are a Roll Playing fleet where we are working on a backstory to justify older 23rd century uniforms in the 25th century and it is helping us to craft our bios.

Please check out our blogspot to read a little bit about our backstory or check out our website and the forums. If you are interested at all please fill out our short application and read a little bit more about us and get to know the members better. If we are not a good fit then there are no hard feelings. Different strokes...

Watch our NEW Recruiting Video

James Bailey