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11-01-2011, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Tidemand82 View Post
I dont blame TSI anymore I come to see that there is no way of policing the queues as you say. Opvp Rules fell apart because we could not agree on the ruleset. I was disappointed at Kais and Zorenas we bring what ever we want thread.

I dont consider SS spam or cheese Qew had 2 copies (not SS3) to prevent op team healing and dual tac team, and the fact that a ens. power could clear it can make that spam.

But what is Spam I could say that using phaser beam is spam since the proc is op or that having more than 1extend shield is spam too, this could go on we can never agree what is spam and not: All is spam and nothing is spam.

Oh did not know ppl feared the Pandas thats kinda nice

I been in matches with ppl you play with from TSI what used Torp Spread on me. not that I wanna say any names tho
well you im the fleet leader here tide, so private message me those names and i'll look into it.

of course everytime i offer this to anyone, "tell me who and ill take care of it" i'm never told who just that "some guy with tsi in his name" used so and so powers you guys are cheaters/exploiters/suck etc etc....