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11-01-2011, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by V-Mink
But is SWG going down because LA pulled the license? The only news I've heard of that is that Sony is saying that it's time and they're ready to stop supporting what they consider a dead game.
No, in fact it really is not LA that is putting the closure out on SWG. LA hoped that SWG and TOR could live together and make them the licence fees from both. And why wouldn't they? 2 fee collections are better than one.

LA, however, did see very bad mistakes in development from SOE and decided to not have all the eggs in the same basket by heading to Bioware 1 month after the original NGE. They, in a sence, hedged their bet which seems now like they made the right decision as the poster above makes reference to.

SWG, via SOE, made enough really bad decisions (3 really major ones with CU, NGE, C6CD), on their existing playerbase, that they pretty much had none left to speak of in the aftermath. This ended up as not enough income made to pay the fees that came with the IP. It was basicly the only decision left open to SOE.

CBS, could do the same here. Not saying that they will pull the licence from Cryptic, per se (as long as the IP fees are being paid), but hedge their bet also with more Star Trek direct competion for STO. I would imagine that CBS has a producer in charge of their IP, just like LA did, who is watching, very closly.