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11-01-2011, 03:08 PM
I can confirm some of your "Worst Case Scenario".

I played Forsaken World for some Time.
Or as I would like to call it: Grind World.
Forsaken World was PW first MMO that was design t not only for Asia. Perfect World International is just a Port of the original and I my Eyes a fail.
You an level up but it is so close to impossible to gear up without heavy grinding. and not gear out it is harder and harder to level up.
P2W is not a big Deal in Forsaken World Most Store items dont work in PvP and 95% of the Store is Cosmetic and Fluff
In the Years as a PW Customer I have learned they are very cleaver.
Clever enough to not install Paywalls but temptations to go to the store.
There is this Ultra Cool Beast everyone wants to have (Hoarse of Flames) It gives you a incredible travel speed (like stacking several Borg engines), looks absolutely epic, defense x2 (exept PvP) and several other nice perks I dont have out of the Top of my Head.
You can go to the Store and Spent 24,50 (34,74 $) to get it (Account Unlock) or you play to Level 70 and get it for free (Character Unlock).

This sounds a bit like a VA Ship Token and some of Cryptic Philosophy leaking to them as well.

From my perspective there still is a lot of noise about nothing, and Humans driven by Fear are sometimes not rational