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11-01-2011, 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by Medic670
Hello All

It Starfllet Is At War, Would It Not Make Sense That Their Crusiors Could Equipet Dual Phasers Banks In The Aft Sections ? not just the Fore Sections. Heck Even Battle Wagons Of WW2 Mutiple Turnable Deck Guns And A.A. Guns. And Speaking Of Guns. Why Could You Not Equipt Cannons On Crusiors.

Just A Thought , Any Feedback Would Be Apprciated.

Weeeeelll the Constitution Class Defiant (Which was waaaay better than the Misshapen Brick of a Battle Runabout from DS9) from In a Mirror Darkly had Rear facing Dual banks so this could be plausible.