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11-01-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by rooster75
You can shoot down Tyken's Rift anomalies with BFAW in case you aren't currently aware of it's current state. It has a bug which does not effect Gravity Wells and that is one reason why Gravity Well is superior for crowd control. Any opponent in range of the Tyken's using BFAW will dispel the rift. Most teams who are aware of this bug will take advantage of it whenever a Tyken's is being used. For this reason, Tyken's can become a wasted BOff slot.

In my honest opinion, you could do better than Tyken's because:
  • You won't be running high Aux and can use those batteries or another device for something else.
  • The BFAW bug that exists will currently dispel your Tyken's Rift anomaly.
  • If you're going to use a Tyken's it should probably be the third version which you can't equip on an MVAM because there is no Commander Science slot. Tyken's Rift 2 is sort of underwhelming.

There are other choices for the Lt. Com. Sci slot on an MVAM. I'd recommend going for more survivability or getting a stun. Perhaps even a CPB. I personally like Photonic Shockwave on an MVAM because it is not Aux driven and gives you a short disable.
Tyken's can utterly dismantle and enemy ship and leave them vulnerable for the kill in mere moments. It is far harder to get away from than GW and far more deadly than nearly anything else.

BFAW is a bug which will not remain. While it does you can easily wait for a proper time in a Duel (as you should not pop abilities at random anyway) and in teams you can bait the FAW lovers with a Tyken's from one ship then Scramble Sensors with another as they begin firing... Soo much fuuun watching them do your work for you. There are workarounds.

As for low Aux, my Aux is high enough to get the job done especially with Gamma piece adding to their shield issues or being IN Gamma piece myself.

It honestly makes me sad to see how few people really understand what that little power box is telling you and what it does. I do understand that it is a bit confusing and that in Mode 1 it does not convey what is going on very well but in Mode 3 things start to become more clear. So many people die to the Breen Capital ship just because they get Nuked with Tyken's III and do not know what it does to them. They also die to multiple Breen Cruisers because they get Multi-Syphoned into oblivion but likewise do not understand what is happening to them.