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11-01-2011, 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by Protector View Post
Okay -- I know this has been beat to DEATH. But I had an idea while running up my Engineer on tribble.

People are asking for a T-5 connie and the powers that be are against it for a variety of reasons.

People are asking for more skins/variants for the Excelsior.

How about a compromise?

Make the Cruiser Refit costume a costume for the Excelsior as well. It's basically an advanced looking connie without BEING a connie. It's an awesome-looking ship for a such a short lived level.

There's precedent for a lower tier ship looking just like a max-level ship. T3 Excelsior looks just like the T5, T4 Venture looks just like the Galaxy Retrofit with the Venture skin and the T4 Defiant looks just like the Retrofit Defiant. So the whole "PvPers would be confused" idea of a ship needs to look like the tier it's in is already nonsense.

I think this will go a long way to solving two problems (grievances) with almost no real work (no idea how long or how much work it takes to hook up a ship costume).

What do all of you think?
My initial reaction before I read your post was "Oh not this again"

You started to win me over when you brought up the existing precedent...

I am still concerned that this would ultimately create a snowball effect. If the Exeter is made a T5 retrofit alternative, you've given the horde another excuse to say "Well why can't we have the original Connie skin too!"

In which case we are back at square one.

...I stress this doesn't even touch on the more basic problem that is the systems nightmare of getting two completely different mesh skeletons (Excelsior, Connie) to use the same engineering data. It's not as simple as some think.