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11-01-2011, 09:25 PM
If your enjoyment of the game is soley based on 'how fast can i get more purples' than yes this is true.

However, if your enjoyment of the game is based on new content, than it is false. My enjoyment is not derived from constant repetition of content I already played. It is derived from new content, be it new featured episodes, diferent equipment, new ships, alternate mechanics/game systems (doffs), etc. For this content to be provided they need the funds to do so, which the current subscriber base is not giving them but with luck F2P will.

Honestly, what has been added to this game since launch, which itself contained very little content. 3 featured episodes with 5 missions each? A handful of new sectors and missions? There are nearly as many new ships on tribble at the moment as have been released since launch.