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11-02-2011, 02:00 AM
Outline for the Problem the OP has that wasn't addressed:

1. Those abilites you speak of are powered by your deflector, deflector dish(tachyon beam) and hazards and emitters for your hazard emitters.

2. You probally arent running high enough aux the more the better output for those skills.

3. Auxillary also powers your sci only skills

4. for a balanced mode i recommend trying to get your weapons and aux near or over 100

5. Using Escorts and Cruisers are a huge gamble because of a few issues one being your sci only skills run off of auxillary power which being those escorts and cruisers mostly only have 2 sci skills and usually only sci skills run off of auxillary its not a really good mesh with a sci officer. (Some may do okay with it but its mostly the multi vector and photonic fleet with scorpion fighter fed spam setup which may get nerfed with the constant talk of limiting pet's in combat)

6. A deflector from the sets that give set effects are not always the best to use. An example is breen set has +10 dish but you get a purple/very rare deflector that is highest in deflectors and dish in the 34/30 i think or something like that is going to give you with enough aux about 1000 more shield drainage per facing on a tach beam 3.

7. Becareful of skills you setup because a lot of sci skills share cooldowns.

8. Make sure that when you pick out your skills if you are going to use ones that are aux based like polarize hull, hazard emitters, tachyon beam, feedback pulse, tykens rift, gravity well, etc. To try to setup where you have mostly benefiting that aux power that mesh well each other becausing having 1 or 2 that use aux and then the other 5 or 6 not using it won't help with the sci only skills that depend on that power.

But overall theres a lot of ways you can setup a sci but best bet out the front gate is going high aux to get your full science out of a science officer. Hope this helps you.