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11-02-2011, 06:43 AM
Originally Posted by Xautos
The Miranda was more or less phased out during the mid 24th century as it was nothing more then a freighter before being retrofitted and recalled for service during the dominion war and even then, they were begin cut to shreds, left right and center.

If anything, the Oberth and Miranda should of been quickly retired coming to the 25th century along with the Centaur. But strictly by CBS's contract which i must assume, that these ships were added to keep some trek realism going.

There is no way i can see the Miranda being taken to battleship status, it would be nice with a C-Store upgrade in order to deversify the Federation fleet, but the truth is, these frigates are well past their sell by date.
Excelsior isn't much older, was torn apart during Wolf 359 and the Dominion War just as much, yet it currently holds "battleship" status as a T5 (among the best, I might add).

While logically what you say makes sense, the existence of the Excelsior and its current status kinda makes it a bit contradictory.

I believe the general population, those few here being the exception, are so fed up and sick of the Miranda after how weak and inferior it performs by comparison to ships they are used to, that they automatically brand the ship with hate.

I know - I'm one of them.