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11-02-2011, 08:16 AM
Originally Posted by hort_wort View Post
Ohhh okay. My world is un-shattered now.
One of my friends was hit on by another gay friend of mine. We all had a huge laugh then went out to lunch. Good times, those awkward moments... when taken the right way.
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Good things and bad disappointments last eve.
There was a freeze but my outfit malfunctioned.
Flight instead of sliding around bite big time.
Why does non LP let you have what LP has rights to but cant?
excatly my friends and relitives in the community ditn always tell people with them i was their safety date sober cab.. to keep the wild ones away from them.. like they liked to drink like fish and play truth or dare

Ah Cappy when the zipper freezes its a real emergency sometimes.. i miss tobaganing at cousins farm nice hill then a barb fence to keep you sharp