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# 1 Klingon BoP Cruiser Needed
11-02-2011, 01:49 PM
They need to make a cruiser styled B'rel/K'vort Bird of Prey ship for engineers. I keep getting my butt whooped as an engineer in a T5 B'rel. I love the B'rel ship design...but BoPs arent quite as advertised. The poor hull and shields on the B'rel make it extremely difficult to make viable for an engineer. I cant keep my shields or hull up cause the ship is just too weak. I may have better luck with the Hegh'ta but I think those BoPs are hidious.

What I suggest is they make the K'vort. A B'rel styled ship thats twice the size of the normal B'rel. Has a turn rate a little quicker than the Vor'cha and is alot more durable than the original B'rel. It needs more than 2 aft weapon slots.

This would be canon too, K'vorts do exist in Star Trek. (or at least they did in an alternate timeline) in the TNG episode "Yesterdays Enterprise" even if its from an alternate timeline....big deal.

Or...if you want to be real simple, add a large B'rel skin for the Hegh'ta.

And, this offers an opportunity to fix the B'rel model up a bit. It needs its impulse engine redone to have the yellow bit in the middle, get rid of the 2 extra impulse engines. And add more bulk to the neck, fix the windows on the ship too.