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  • •Updates to Confuse, Scramble Sensors, and Antimatter Spread◦Science Team, Engineering Team, and Tactical Team will no longer be affected by the auto-retargeting effect of Confuse, Scramble Sensors and Antimatter Spread. ■If you are confused and activate Science Team, Science team will apply to your current target. ■It will not automatically apply to you, and it you have a foe or friend targeted science team will still affect that target.
  • ■If you have no target, Science Team will no longer re-target a random target.

  • ◦When affected by Confuse, Scramble Sensors, or Antimatter spread you will no longer be able to see enemy cloaked ships. ■These same rules have been applied to ground confusion and stealth.
  • ◦Modified how the duration of Scramble Sensors is calculated. Overall, the duration has been reduced, but it now gets more benefit from skill.
I guess hell did Freeze over.. At least until these go to Live.. Of course I EXPECT there will be ALOT of PVP Testing for the changes other then just THIS... Right?