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11-02-2011, 05:21 PM
I too have been hunting a SCI Cpt. Ship build, no joy. This article is somewhat helpfull and subscribed.

IMO: The inate built in system targeting need to be delved into. Is it worth using or would one TSS III be worth the investment. If one puts x-amout of points in all the Captians Science Ship slots does it make it work or is it a dog still. I admit the idea of blasting everything off the board is exciting but that is not the "Science" way, ( thats why I have a Tactical Captain).

In closing, I rarely find other players who know how to take advantage of my science toon, and cannot play as a squad. No real need for a "healer" because players are not taxed enough to have to sustain an endurance dps battle in game with the exception of Kittamer Accord VA on Elite. So lets focus on a Shield Striiper / De-buff DPS build.