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11-02-2011, 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by Ofallon
I too have been hunting a SCI Cpt. Ship build, no joy. This article is somewhat helpfull and subscribed.

IMO: The inate built in system targeting need to be delved into. Is it worth using or would one TSS III be worth the investment. If one puts x-amout of points in all the Captians Science Ship slots does it make it work or is it a dog still. I admit the idea of blasting everything off the board is exciting but that is not the "Science" way, ( thats why I have a Tactical Captain).

In closing, I rarely find other players who know how to take advantage of my science toon, and cannot play as a squad. No real need for a "healer" because players are not taxed enough to have to sustain an endurance dps battle in game with the exception of Kittamer Accord VA on Elite. So lets focus on a Shield Striiper / De-buff DPS build.
dps recon-

fore weapons-
1 cannon, 1 dbb, 1 torp
aft weapons-
2 turrets, 1 torp

tact team 1, torp high yeild 1/beam overload 1, cannon rapid fire 1
epts 1, extend shields 1/rsp1 (team/solo)
sci team 1, tractor 1, transfer 2, hazzard 2, tachyon beam 3, shockwave 1, charged burst 3.

keep power at 90ish, aux at 60 then make sure you take the power bonuses (effecent and performance) for all four systems. make sure to spec for charged burst and tachyon beam then make sure you have the right weapons maxed out. make sure to use at least 1 eps console as well.

way to fly- like an escort but better.

dps nebula-
2 cannons, 1 torp
3 turrets

tact team 1, high yeidl 1, cannon rapid fire 1, beta 1,
epts 1, aux to sif 1, eject warp 1/transfer 2 (dps/healer)
sci team 1, haz 1, transfer 2, shock wave 1, charged burst 3.

weapon power 100
aux 40
engines 35

make sure to have an eps console to keep weapons power up.

way to fly- keep everything roughly in front of you and pew pew away.