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11-03-2011, 06:40 AM
8000 dilithium refining limit per character per day. At 500, this means that my whole day's efforts yield me 16 CP? 20 cents? Really? I feel like I'm waiting around for a truck to pull up and offer me a job in the fields for the day. Hell, I wouldn't even part with my dilithium at 250, let alone 500. The way things are going you can do *nothing* worthwhile in this bold, new STO w/o it. It is the air we breathe and the rope by which we hang.

I've been seeing it build slowly but the writing on the wall is getting clearer with each day. Dilithium is the death cry of STO as we know it. Everything fun and original about this game is on it's way out. We, the paying customers, should not have things taken away (free retros, ability to have fleet crafters or having one toon that crafts for the rest) nor should we be tainted by the F2P game elements designed to encourage subbing because we *already* do.

Seperation of church and state would be nice. Let the freebies suffer under the heavy yoke of the dilithium system and subscribers taste the freedom of the way things have always been. You want incentive for people to sub? There you have it.

::Gets down off of soap box::