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11-03-2011, 07:29 AM
The Miranda class is small, easy to build, it's cost effective (not money wise but ship building meterial wise) and has a good complament of weapons for a ship it's size and the missions starfleet assigns it to such as patrol missions frees up larger vessles, like the Excelisor, Akira and Defiant for more dangrous missions and that frees up the galaxy, sovereign, promeatheous and Galaxy class Mark 2 and 3's (Venture class and Galaxy-X respecfuly) for missions that require ships to have big guns plus the Miranda has around 139 nine years of proven history to justafy and upgrade of tecnolagey and continued production, that's why the real world U.S.S. Enterprise (the aircraft carrier) is still is service 50 years after she was comissioned