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11-03-2011, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by lynerunner View Post
8000 dilithium refining limit per character per day. At 500, this means that my whole day's efforts yield me 16 CP? 20 cents? Really? I feel like I'm waiting around for a truck to pull up and offer me a job in the fields for the day. Hell, I wouldn't even part with my dilithium at 250, let alone 500. The way things are going you can do *nothing* worthwhile in this bold, new STO w/o it.
Imagine, if you will, that you've acquired all that you wish with RD. You may find yourself earning RD with no ambitions of spending it, just for the sake of discussion here, let's say this is case. Now, I definitely laugh a little bit at the 20 cents comment, too However, being that this is just a game, and we're mainly here to have fun, the other side of the argument could be that some players will not want to spend any cash, but they have played, and through playing, found leftover RD. These players can now offer up a bid/exchange for CP, to put to use a resource that would otherwise be idle. And, though gradually, with time, they could acquire something they like from the C-store.

I hope that makes sense, objectively.