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11-03-2011, 10:41 AM
You need to remember something.

Star Trek was created in the middle 60's and those decisions the great bird made about nacelle requirements where not made until the middle 80's.

Till then the Franz Joseph Tech manual was considered canon. So much so that in the back ground of TMP you can hear radio traffic issuing orders to ships from that manual. Including not just names but Hull Numbers like U.S.S. Revere NCC-595

The same can be said for the Federation Class Dreadnaught. Which is where the original dreadnaught classification comes from im sure.

These things where considered so canon that at the time of TMP and TWOK they used images of these ships on bridge view screens. Should they be canon? Personally I think they should. Especially since the ONLY Star Trek movie ever made, that he was in charge of, they were mentioned and quite prominently. From the early 70's, till roddenberry made that decision, they where canon. I think the only real reason Roddenberry made that choice was for more "artistic" look and style. I know he wanted in the 80's, with what input he had, to create a more pacifistic organization. However, based on the cultures they had encountered in TOS this was guaranteed to fail.

You had two star nations on each side of the Federation with a completely martial outlook or philosophy. Empires who believed in conquering and subjugating others to their will. This alone would have required starfleet to maintain some form of military side to patrol the neutral zones and maintain the peace.
So they would have had ships designed along a more military standard with military classifications. Anyway there are way too many inconsistencies in the entire universe on this whole issue to say “Oh they can’t be canon because”

Anyway that’s my 2 cp