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Originally Posted by Khern View Post
Bad guys or good guys, well..

At this point I would say there aren’t any bad or good guys. Except the Undine, Borg, Iconians, Devidians, Breen and Fek’lhr of course.

The Federation sees itself as the good Samaritan yet seems to attempt to enforce its viewpoint on everyone else. Usually because they claim to have the moral high ground. The truth is the Federation follows the doctrine of "might makes right" though they claim to respect other races and their prime directive tells them not to intervene in internal matters. They still meddle as soon as they can think of an excuse. As for being non-violent and non-aggressive, this might once have been true, but the last decades of history and the multitude of wars have left the Federation jaded and far more militarized in its procedures than it used to be.

The Klingons claim to be on a crusade to restore the Empire to former glory and rid the world of Undine infiltration. While this all sounds fine the bottom line is the Klingons are using the age old excuse of being saviors to cover up a greed for territorial expansion. This is very obvious in their thrusts towards Romulan and Federation space. They are using this excuse to satisfy political hunger. The bottom line is they are a warlike race and their code of honor seems to be somewhat flexible depending on individual captains and situations. Their concept of honor can be used as much as an excuse as for enforcing personal conduct and loyalties.

As for Romulans and Cardassians they are both politically scheming militaristic and utilitarian with partially nihilistic attitudes. To put it bluntly, if they see you as an enemy they will be willing to sacrifice half of everything just to have a chance of getting at you. And where the Romulans scheme, the Cardassians plot. The difference is the Romulans are even more dastardly and convoluted in their scheming while Cardassians are somewhat more direct.
Originally Posted by Khern View Post
Actually, I would say the Klingons usually come out on top, unless Sisco, Picard or Kirk are involved.

The Federation was originally saved from the Klingons by the mysterious Organians and the Organian treaty. Whenever there have been large scale conflict and not single incidents the Empire has seemed to hold the upper hand. Good excamples are the alternate universe where Tasha Yar hadn't died and the Ambassador class Enterprise hadn't been destroyed. The Klingon Empire was winning the war and by Picard's assesment the Federation could only last a couple of more weeks or months at most.

Or the short war between the Klingons and Federation before the Dominion war, which weren't in an alternate time line. While Deep Space 9 was held and the Klingons withdrew from that engagment, most of the time they speak of the conflict and reports of the war, systems are lost and things are going less than good.

In Voyager, when we look back to the time of Captain Hikaru Zulu and the Excelsior, it certainly seems a K'tinga is a good match for it. The K'tinga that attacks the Voyager easily gets the Voyager's shields down below 50% before fire is returned, and that is despite it being more than a hundred years older.

Not to argue the point. You are Right. The Klingons do respect the Federation for their strengths. They are worthy advesaries. But the Federation doesn't usually come out on top.
A true and accurate description of the factions and how they seem motivated.

Sadly though, I still feel that in STO the plot-toughness that Sisko, Picard and Kirk displayed is the norm that the Devs are giving the feds ingame to give the sense of being the Hero to the player and the KDF suffers when said player feels they are not tough enough, only to complain and asked for a nerfing/fix, etc.

We as Klingon fans have not gotten that which was well represented in the Genre, the toughness and lethality that Klingons are known for as a species.