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11-03-2011, 10:49 AM
I think a mountain is being made out of a mole hill here. The C-Store or C-points aren't a new thing, existed since the beginning. Yet, this whole thread reads like it's just being introduced. Not much will change, those of us who buy c-points will still buy c-points, those of us who don't won't. It's really that simple. What Cryptic is banking on is those of us who do buy will want something that costs dilithium, but don't want to wait 100 days to get it, and of course the non-buyers want that special ship but refuse to pay for it, here's where the economy will explode.

I'll continue to buy C-points, and I'm sure I'll have extra that I'm willing to sell, and I'll always under cut the lowest price to ensure I sell tham, and I'm sure someone will under cut me.