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11-03-2011, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Omega_Glory
The "bubble" shields didn't exist until STTNG. In TOS and TMPs the shields were "skin tight." When the Ent-D came arrived in TNG we saw our first bubble-shield effect. (I particularly remember it being shown when the Crystaline Entity attempted to attack the Enterprise.)
Let's see:
TOS bubble shield

TMP bubble shield

Originally Posted by Omega_Glory
What's interesting is that whenever we see a skin-tight shield in Star Trek, it's during a torpedo hit, and never a phaser hit. In First Contact the Enterprise-E gets hit with Borg beam weapons, and a bubble effect occurs. Later in Nemesis, the Ent-E gets hit with a torpedo and the skin-tight effect is shown.
In "Yesterday's Enterprise" we see the Enterprise-D fire a spread of torpedoes at a Klingon ship

the result is a bubble

In "Insurrection" the So'na fire torpedoes at the Enterprise and the shield was a bubble

so it's not cause by the type of weapons either.