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Just wanted to get you few bits of news, and let you know that we have been listening closely to your feedback. Everything listed below will be released onto Tribble test server.

More love for Gold members:
If you are a gold member, each time you log in, the system will automatically refine your Dilithium Ore for each day that has passes since you last logged in - up to one week.
The 500 day Veteran reward will now come with a free Vice Admiral ship token (account unlock). This change will be retroactive. If you are a 500 day veteran and already have a character that has earned a Vice Admiral Ship Token, that character will not get another one.

New Skill system - will be going to Tribble very soo, hopefully within the next few days. There is a Forum post about the changes, but the details contained in that post are already out of date. Look for an upcoming Dev Blog outlining all the details of the new system.

Torpedo Spread - We have heard the issues, and have some clever changes that should alleviate the spike damage issues.

Crafting - This is a tough one. We recognize that some of you are not happy with the changes to crafting high end gear. We are doing our best to mitigate the issues. There are a lot of questions as why does crafting high end gear cost so much Dilithium. The bottom line is Dilithium is an important economy, and one that is tied directly into Cryptic Points (and thus real money). It is the foundation of the Free to Play economy and the games revenue model. The problem with crafting, as it works now, is that without Dilithium, a player can go onto the exchange, and get all crafting components they want, and then immediately craft a piece of gear, thus bypassing the Dilithium economy. We understand that crafting components are a time currently like Dilithium, but crafting components are nowhere near as regulated and managed as Dilithium. We recognize that this is not ideal, but we ask that you bear with us while we react to this issue. In the short term, the only change we have planned is to make some items available by crafting only, and some items only available in the Dilithium store. Those crafting items will still cost Dilithium, but this will help mitigate the two systems from competing with each other. In the end, we plan on overhauling the entire crafting system into something more tradition and interesting. More info on this in the near future.

New MT Ships - We have been reading your feedback about all the new ships on Tribble, and will start tuning based on your feedback shortly. Sorry for the delay, but we have had our heads down in the new Skill Systems and the DOff system.