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11-03-2011, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by krazzed View Post
◦Mines, high yield torpedoes, and tricobalt devices now have faction neutral AOE damage. ■This means if a player drops a tricobalt device on a target at point blank range both the target and the player will take splash damage.

Thats from the latest release notes on holodeck,

Possible Defiant nerf? seemings we have to get point blank to get the most damage?
The term would be Escort (and Raider) nerf, not just defiant.

Tricobalts/ HY/ Plasma are only effective at 1-2 km becuase they are easily shotdown

Without making Torpedos fast* enough to make them useful, these two types will fail under the new FF rules (which I actually agreed with) as they still may ahve to be launched Point blank.

* or tougher to shootdown, etc, etc.