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11-03-2011, 01:05 PM
And then maybe I'll get my Fletcher class ASW destroyer and fly that around space too! Because surely in the 25th century they'll have the technology to upgrade it with warp engines, shields, phasers and photon torpedoes and it can be a T5 so I can fly that as an Admiral. Because I like old ships and I wanto to fly a 400 odd year old surface combatant in space. Oh and, btw Rayvenwing, my ship doesn't have any Borg tech. And I don't PvP either.

And to you piwright42, congratulations! You've just helped me prove my point. Trying to revive the 'good old days', running around in your TOS uniforms, wishing for a TMP era bridge layout. You're pining for an era that is dying more and more with the passing of every day. It's like you're going through a Science Fiction mid-life crisis. Or you're in denial. Seeing as you're so good at logical deductions, are you a Vulcan? You were in error anyway, as there's really only on colourful metaphor to describe manure that starts with 'S' and it isn't 'scat', that's not colourful enough.

But that's okay, because you are after all, essentially, irrational.