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Originally Posted by Cailean_556 View Post
There are those who want to reinstate the old ships because they believe they are the "old school diehard true Star Trek fans". Which is a whole lot of BS (read slang acronym for the term male cow manure). If they were true Star Trek fans they'd accept that the time of the Constitution is over. It's like the battleships. They had a time and a place as master of the oceans and seas. Now that era has passed. As has the era of the Constitution. A legendary ship in a league of it's own, the Constitution and it's modernised (23rd century) refit were without doubt symbolic of the Federation. However that has now passed. As has the time of the Excelsior and the Galaxy. And the era of the Sovereign is waning too, unfortunately for me as I command one.

It is just a game and in games anything is theoretically possible but it's a game with rich lore and a timeline which dictates that the Constitution class is centuries old. There have never been any frontline warships that are over a century old. Miranda's were used in the Battle of Wolf 359 and during the Dominion War but they weren't true frontline combat vessels, they were support vessels which were directed to engage enemy vessels. I was less than impressed when they (Cryptic) brought the NX in but I've accepted it as it's a T1 not a T5. As beautiful as the class may be, it's days as a frontline warship facing off against Borg and Undine are just not meant to be. It's already in game as a T2. Let it go.
So what your essentially saying is you want to play STO in the manner you see best, And force all of us along with you. In your world Canon is a referent for a square hole for all of us to conform to. However a game is about freedom and agency to define your experience any way we see fit.

I don't care who flys what or wears any of the bazillion uniform variants. Whats important to me is I can get my Trek on anyway I see fit and so can the person flying next to me, regardless if they are in a Connie, a Excelsior or a Sovereign.