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11-03-2011, 02:00 PM
Um. This seems silly to me.

1. Cryptic points are account wide.
2. Dilithium and Cryptic points can now be exchanged.

The meaning of this is simple.. even without the "wonky canceling" you can move dilithium from one character to another.

Step1. Sell your dilithium on the account you are transferring from for cpoints
Step2. Buy the dilithium on the account you are transferring to, with the cpoints.

You take a risk based on price fluctuation and will probably take a small loss, or make a small gain but the transfer is complete.

It's a simple rule really..... you cannot have a restricted currency freely exchangeable for an unrestricted currency and keep the restrictions effective.

Because of this you really have 3 options:
1. Do not allow exchanging for the unrestricted currency.
2. Add the restrictions to the unrestricted currency.
3. Remove the restrictions from the restricted currency.

Option 1 is shutdown the exchange. That would be highly dissapointing and defeat the purpose for which it was proposed.

Option 2. If the currency we are trading for becomes "restricted" it will be far less valuable. Meaning cpoints i can only use on one character? The incentive for buying these will be far less. Also how will that work with points that are "account wide" and purchases that are also account wide. This would likely be very difficult to sort out and make a lot of people very angry along the lines of "What do you mean i cant use the points i bought on the character i want" type angry. I would highly advise against it.

Option 3. This is the default option by the way.. If you do nothing you effectively remove the restrictions. For the sake of simplicity and avoiding the Kludgey way of having to cancle and such to do the transfer i would instead suggest making it easier to transfer.

The benefits of option 3 is that there will now be pressure on more people to level up characters and play them more. More characters = more dilithium... but also = more cost and market for them. People will be encouraged to play thier "alts" and then want to equip them well.. then want to make sure they get thier alts dailies done....thus want better equipment to do it faster/better/ more fun/ more players... bigger economy.

Economically you don't really have a choice. You cant really have an exchange, and a character restricted currency. BUT... you don't really need OR WANT one. You want to encourage people to use their mains to spend that dilithium equipping thier alts.

My suggestion is this... ENCOURAGE alts. They will be your salvation. Instead of making transferring more difficult.. make it less.