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11-03-2011, 03:25 PM
Here is the math relevant to "Supply/Demand" Equation in the Dilithium Exchange. (Emblems are addressed at the bottom of this post)

REMEMBER its a 2 way street. The "Silvers" will be hungry for your C-points too. "Golds" will be able to earn a lot more Dilithium this way (its also why its better to not have artificial caps imposed on the exchange rate)

Its neither good or bad, it just "is" and as a "ray of light" for the current player base,the potential for your 400 point Stipened to buy 480,000 dilithium/month is pretty high if not inevitable due to the number of Silvers who will want C-points for "free" and who will be competing with eachother for your stipened..

As C-points are Account Wide, your dilithium earning potential is also account wide.
  • 400 Cryptic Points/Month per gold account
  • 720,000 dilithium/month "Earning potential" for Gold accounts (with only 3 slots)
  • 480,000 dilithium/month "Earning potential" for F2P (with 2 slots)

Market competition means people looking to buy C-points are competing with everone else who also wants to buy those points... if you are competing with a Silver to buy points The math becomes :-

720,000+480,000 Dil / 400 CP = 3000 Dilithium per C-point

This is assuming 1 silver per gold , i think its likely to be 4 silvers per gold, so, if anything, the price/c-point is likely to go higher NOT lower

Not everyone will earn their max dilithium, but your hardcore F2Pers who dont want to spend a cent on the game WILL DO .

Hardocre Silver account F2P/ers will have "purchasing power" of 1200 dilithium per C-point, per month if they want their C-store goodies for free.

Of course people can buy in more c-points too, but only have reason to buy a limited amount,the above math speaks for itself (and also shows why dilithium/c-point prices will rise). Its a GOOD thing for gold members for this to happen. (480k/month dilithium without any grinding at all isnt a bad thing)

Onto Emblems... which really is a topic for a diff forum topic and NOT so relevant to this one.

Emblems represnt time spent, if "Time spent" per dilithium is too high you CANNOT rectify that with the Dilithium Exchange, you rectify that by adding Dilithium ORE rewards to more things (which i sincerely hope they do)

The above is exactly why Cryptic needs "Market determined" pricing in order to keep the economy moving *long term", it is also why, even "optimistically" C-point pricing will go beyond the 600 Dil/CP mark in the long term