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11-03-2011, 03:29 PM
If we are going to start a connie debate in here then I will list the following:

1)This is a game based on Fiction. The only limitations one has is a limitation of one's imagination. I can IMAGINE circumstances for having a t-5 connie, can you?

2)Ships already in game dude, you already see it. Who cares what level the ship is.

3)A player should be able to play the game however he/she chooses. It all boils down to a ship costume. If we can have 21st century skanks in ESD, we should be able to fly a Connie at end-game.

4) We've seen data that the TOS connie is the highest selling c-store ship. I would be that most players would love to fly it or the TMP version at higher levels. it would make a buck, why not do it.

5) Canon and Immersion have already been scrapped. Just go with it. Make your own canon and immersion.