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11-03-2011, 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by maximus92 View Post
The C-Store or C-points aren't a new thing, existed since the beginning.
wrong good sir the c-store came in after launch, a few months after launch.

my issue is with them forcing a value on c-points that is far more favorable for cryptic than the players may want. if you set the cap at 500 then the chain will fall and you will see it go down to 490 then 480 then some turd drops a 450 and the war begins. all this is doing is making c-points have a higher value then they are really worth. remove the cap all together and see what results you get, im betting you would see a ratio in the range of 1c-point per 1000 dilithium at minimum. what there doing is saying yes you have an open player driven economy yet were gonna nudge it in a better direction so that it makes you spend more real world cash.

thankfully i have yet to buy one stupid c-point, i got some free points for taking a survey when they first released the c-store and i bought a uniform and a bridge pack. since then i have not spent any more of those free points and i will not. I have no interest in spending any of my laughable life time stipend nor will i sell it on the exchange. i will not allow cryptic to see any of my points fall into there store just so they can say the store is doing great lets raise the prices more... oh yeah and lets make every thing per character unlocks.

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